Project Arnprior Cares: Support a Refugee Family

Update: September 2022

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Dear friends,

The world continues to face a problem of forced migration, where millions of people are forced to leave their societies because of various reasons including threats, oppression, persecution and other types of hardships.

Arnprior Cares continues to appreciate the good will and compassion of members of the Arnprior and area community over the last year in supporting a refugee family.  Fundraisers and cultural events have been held with wonderful community support and generosity.  While significant progress has been made to raise the needed funds for Jean and his family (see the fundraising thermometer below), we still need funds to meet the goal of at least $30,000.  We continue to sell SNARK coffee, a delicious locally roasted coffee available through Arnprior Cares or phone Pat Dalphy at (613) 836 3803.

Following is a short update on Jean and his family’s status:

In May 2018, our community received a gentleman - Jean - who left his home fearful for his life after being threatened because of his anti-corruption efforts. Canadian Immigration services found his case eligible for protection. He is still awaiting a decision on his application for refugee status by the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Jean has worked diligently towards eventually becoming a full Canadian citizen, having met many expectations. He has been diligently searching for a meaningful job, and has been pursuing his career and interest in social research and peacebuilding. He has found a receptive centre for his skills in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario. In July 2019, he moved to this area, where he has been exploring the possibilities for working with research centres based in the region. However, Jean considers Arnprior as his ‘home community’ in Canada. He is thankful for the support from the Arnprior community.

Fearing threats, his family (wife and three children) also left their home over a year ago and now they live in a third country as refugees awaiting the opportunity to join Jean in Canada. The reunification is one of the most pressing needs of the family. The family is seriously affected by this undeserved and forced separation. Understanding that family unity is a fundamental principle of refugee protection, different groups in the Arnprior community have been making efforts to support and help the family in the reunification process, as well as satisfying its immediate needs.

We look forward to a time when we can celebrate the reunification of this family in their adopted hometown of Arnprior.

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We ask you to donate as you are able

This project is jointly initiated and supported by different groups including: church communities and other community organizations in Arnprior. They invite people of good will to join them and express their kindness by supporting the initiative.

Note: To honour the family’s pro-peace and anti-corruption efforts (which it is victim of), we would love to collect money and other donations only earned through ethical deals/works. Also, donations from people or companies that support nuclear weapons are not accepted.

Tax receipts will be provided for donations over $20.

To donate by cheque:

  • Make Cheque payable to "Grace St Andrew United Church".
  • With "Arnprior Cares" on the memo line of the cheque.
  • Office times are: Monday-Friday, 9-11:30 a.m.

We thank you so much for your generosity.

In gratitude,

Project Arnprior Cares Sponsorship Committee

Last Update: October 19, 2021