Sustainable Network Roaster Koffee (SNARK)


SNARK has joined the Arnprior Cares fund-raising efforts

Arnprior cares Project welcomes the support by Sustainable Network Roaster Koffee (SNARK).

The support consists of a business partnership plan described here below:

SNARK is offering to sell Arnprior Cares Project coffee – known as Java de Jean- at a cost (see the table below). Arnprior Cares Project sells it at retail to make money towards the project’s goal:

Size (lbs) Sell For Money for Arnprior Cares
1/2 $10 $3
3/4 $15 $5
1 $18 $6.50
5 $90 $35

If you would like to order the Java de Jean Coffee, please send us an email indicating the type of coffee you want (Light, Dark, medium Roast or Decaffeinated Coffee) at

For further information on SNARK, please visit the website:

Let us buy Java de Jean and support the reunification of a refugee family.