UPDATE: February 2021

Dear Supporters of Arnprior Cares Project,

We have good news to share! We are pleased to inform you that the Refugee Protection Department has accepted and approved Jean's application. Jean received the notice of decision by mail on January 27th. He has been waiting for this approval since August 2018. "The decision was a relief. I thank Canada for understanding my case and accepting my refugee claim. I thank all Canadian friends who have already welcomed me to this beautiful country, which now I can call my new home. I look forward to my family members joining me here. I hope we are able to welcome them in Canada very soon." Jean reacted to the decision.

What is the next step? The positive decision means that Jean is eligible to apply for Permanent Residence (PR) status and can include his family in the application. Once the PR card is issued, each family member declared by Jean will obtain the document needed to join him in Canada. After receiving the Notice of Declaration, Jean immediately prepared and submitted his application for the PR cards. He still has to wait several months before he gets his first PR card. Jean has asked friends and supporters to keep praying that the processing of his PR application file may be sped up. The fact that COVID-19 has affected the work of all the institutions involved, such as the Canadian Post Office and the immigration offices in Canada and Kenya, could delay the application processing.

Arnprior Cares continues to help Jean obtain the necessary documents for his family to join him in Canada. The application processing fee, postage and other costs associated with the application are estimated at $3000. It was a pleasure to meet Jean and his family at a zoom meeting in December 2020. Jean's family would like to thank the supporters who attended the meeting. Their presence assured the family that Jean is surrounded by loving and caring people. In her message during the December 2020 meeting, delivered by Jean's brother-in-law who lives in Massachusetts, Jean's mother expressed her gratitude to all the supporters who have taken care of her son.

While waiting to receive the PR cards to allow the family to come to Canada, it is time to start planning to welcome them in Canada. To that end, we are planning to organize another meeting with Jean, his wife and supporters in March 2021 to assess the family's needs as they prepare to come to Canada, their new homeland. We hope that by mid-March, we will have an idea of when Jean's family will fly to Canada. We look forward to that moment of celebration!